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Need a Will?

A Will is a written legal declaration of a person's intentions which he or she wants or Wills to be performed after his or her death. The Will makes dispositions of property, sets up trusts, and establishes guardians upon a person's death. We know that these decisions can be tough, and we will work with you to be sure your wishes are stated clearly.

A Will can be straight forward and simple or very complex depending on the estate and what the client wants to accomplish. In drafting a Will for you we will need to gather information from you including estate assets; the names of beneficiaries, executors, trustees, & representatives.
If you are interested in a Will please contact us at Hillman Toombs and Associates.


Simple Wills for married couple - Every family should have a will. You should appoint guardians for your children, and may want to create a trust to hold your estate's assets until your children are of legal age. Along with each spouse's will, Hillman Toombs and Associates can draft powers of attorney and other forms needed to protect your assets and children as well as your health if you become incapacitated.

Simple Will for single person - If you are not married and do not have children, it is a good idea to designate the beneficiaries that you want to have your property and sign a durable power of attorney and medical power of attorney to protect you in case of incapacity.

Wills and bypass trust At Hillman Toombs and Associates we are experienced in drafting a trust to fit you and your families specific needs. Remember, the amount of protected estate proceed changes from year to year and if you do not plan accordingly, your estate can be subject to an approximately 50% tax. This can be devastating for family businesses and greatly disappoint beneficiaries.

Living Trusts

Living trust with bypass trust provisions and Pourover wills -
Along with saving time and money a living trust can eliminate the need to have a public court hearing, thus protecting your privacy. Furthermore a living trust will assist in the management of your assets if you become disabled, and deter possible heirs from challenging your estate plan. However, it is important to understand the benefits and drawbacks of a living trust, prior to setting one up. Contact us at Hillman Toombs and Associates for more details.

Estate Planning

Life insurance trust - In most cases life insurance is exempt from income tax but it is included in the taxes that your estate will pay. A life insurance trust can save your estate and it's heirs time and money after your death.

Residence trust - This type of trust can help save on the estate taxes that would be paid on the value of your home.
Hillman Toombs and Associates works to draft Wills and Trusts to protect the wishes and best interests of our clients.