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Atlanta Traffic Violation Attorney

Need An Attorney For An Atlanta traffic violation?

Georgia is tough on traffic violations. Just check the DMV site for Georgia and you will quickly see that if you plan to contest a ticket or driving offense in Georgia you are advised to consider legal representation. Georgia uses a point system. Depending on the nature of the driving offense points could get added to your license. If you accumulate enough points it could result in the suspension of your license. Are you willing to risk losing your license, incurring a personal injury claim or worse?

Hillman Toombs and Associates is the answer to ensuring you receive the best legal representation. We have decades of experience dealing with traffic law. You may consider pleading guilty because youve heard it is impossible to win at a traffic hearing. This is not true. If you have good legal representation and your lawyer understands the situation and the proper arguments to put forth in court you can win. At Hillman Toombs and Associates we have experienced traffic lawyers who understand the system, take time to understand your specific situation and then use their expertise to develop the right arguments to win your case.

Hillman Toombs and Associates handles all types of moving violation cases including speeding, failure to use seat belts, talking on a cell phone while driving and tailgating. The Georgia traffic violations bureau is an overwhelming and complicated system. This fact alone discourages many people from protecting their rights. Most give in and pay. Then they incur additional fees because of increased insurance rates. Dont settle for the double whammy-call us for a consultation before deciding to what to do with your ticket.

We also handle criminal cases including DUI, DWI, driving with a suspended license, reckless driving, criminal unlicensed operation and vehicular homicide. Criminal cases require you to have legal representation and our expert team of criminal lawyers stand ready to help you. Never go to court before speaking with a legal professional. Understand your rights and responsibilities before your court appearance and DONT WAIT until it is too late to do anything. Remember, both traffic tickets and criminal cases are subject to specific time limits. If you fail to observe these time limits it can lead to the suspension of your license or jail time. The sooner you speak with us the faster we can get started and the more effective we can be protecting your rights and winning your case.

Our services include:

  • Honest evaluation of your case and chances to win
  • Experienced, specialized legal representation for traffic and criminal cases
  • Lawyers and staff that are intimately knowledgeable about traffic court and traffic matters
  • Caring staff who take the time to listen and understand the details of your case
  • As many appearances as needed to represent you in traffic or criminal court

Dont fail to exercise your personal right to representation. Dont assume the worst. We deliver NOT GUILTY verdicts and if we dont believe your case can be won we will tell you so and advise you of your best options.