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Atlanta Real Estate Law Attorney

Atlanta real estate Attorney To Represent You


A lot of people wonder why they need an attorney when considering a real property transaction. The answer is simple-to protect your rights.

Buying and selling real estate is more complicated than buying or selling other expensive luxury items such as cars or boats. With real estate, several different people can have an interest in the same property. Tax consequences are more complicated, and possession doesn’t necessarily equal ownership. Real estate transactions are governed by various federal statutes, state statutes, and common laws that address a broad range of legal issues related to acquiring, financing, developing, managing, constructing, leasing, and selling commercial and residential real property.  An experienced real estate attorney can help you sort through all of the difficult decisions and negotiations involved in real estate transactions to ensure your rights are protected whether you are buying, selling, leasing or constructing a property.

There are many different parts of a real property transaction and our associates are experienced in dealing with a wide variety of property issues including but not limited to:

•    Mortgages
•    Title Insurance
•    Eminent domain
•    Partitions of real property
•    Zoning issues
•    Property easement and right of way agreements
•    Environmental remediation
•    Boundary disputes
•    Eviction
•    Leases
•    Foreclosures

If you believe you are facing any of these issues or you want the peace of mind that comes with legal representation of your property rights and the drafting of legally binding documents by a legal professional then Hillman J. Toombs and Associates stands ready to help you. Our real estate specialists have many years of experience and a thorough knowledge of real estate law. From simple to highly complicated transactions we walk with you every step of the way to ensure your transaction is successfully completed.  Call us or complete a contact form to learn how we can help you.