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Atlanta Juvenile Law Attorney

Atlanta Attorney To Represent Juveniles

It isnt easy to find lawyers who specialize in handling juvenile Criminal Law cases. If your child is facing prosecution you want to ensure their rights are protected and that they have a lawyer who specializes in juvenile court cases because there are different rules and procedures that apply to juvenile cases. In juvenile court there is no right to a jury trial and there is no right to bail.

At Hillman Toombs and Associates we have lawyers who work specifically with juvenile court cases. Their experience and expertise with the juvenile system makes certain that the rules and procedures of juvenile law work in favor of your child rather than against your child. Juvenile law is an area where choosing the wrong lawyer or a lawyer inexperienced with the juvenile system can put your childs future at risk.

If you have a child facing a juvenile court case trust Hillman J. Toombs and Associates P.C. firm to provide you with the best team of juvenile experts and lawyers who can use their experience with the juvenile system and criminal law to provide the best defense for your child. Our caring, committed staff listens carefully and repeatedly to ensure they have all the facts. We promise your child will receive support and counseling throughout the process that has their best interests at heart. We speak honestly and give you the straight facts you need to help your child through the process and to make informed decisions.

Don't hire an inexperienced juvenile defense lawyer. Your child's freedom and future could be at stake. Do the right thing. When it comes to juvenile law make certain you hire an experienced juvenile and criminal lawyer who knows the special rules and procedures used in juvenile court. Call Hillman J. Toombs and Associates P.C. now for a consultation. Let us share our expertise and knowledge of juvenile law with you and your child so you can rest in the knowledge you are providing the very best in legal representation for your child. Complete the contact form or call (678) 653-0529.