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Atlanta Employment Law Attorney

Need An Atlanta Attorney Versed In employment law

If you are the victim of age discrimination, whistleblower retaliation, disability discrimination, contract dispute, FMLA dispute, sexual or gender discrimination, wrongful termination or other workplace disputes Hillman Toombs and Associates Firm can help protect your civil rights. We take pride in our reputation as seasoned, well-respected litigators and negotiators. We have a solid record of earning favorable settlements for our clients.

Our firm has successfully handled employment discrimination cases against both government and private business for actions including wrongful termination of employees, discharge of older managers to promote younger employees, racial, gender, religious, age, disability, and military status discrimination, and sexual harassment.

With our team of employment law specialists your case will receive individualized attention with the support of a full staff to cover all possible angles of your case to optimize the chances for a favorable outcome.

Dont let your employer misuse or abuse you. Rely on our team of well seasoned, experienced employment law specialists, our broad and deep knowledge of employment law and our commitment to seeking justice and protecting your civil rights.

Call or visit us today to confer on your case. We will honestly assess your situation and provide you with expert legal representation. We strive to keep the workplace free from abuse of authority by protecting your civil rights as an employee and holding business and government accountable for their actions. We stand by you every step of the way as we work to gain justice and compensation for you as a victim of workplace discrimination be it private or government.