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Atlanta Contract Law Attorney

Need An Atlanta Attorney For Your Contracts

The field of contract law has grown into an intricate and immensely complicated component of the modern legal system. Many types of contract can be handled as part of the routine operation of a business, however as contracts increase in scope, complexity and dollar value the need for expert legal advice also increases.

Contracts can be defined as a promise or a set of promises for which the law gives a remedy. The law recognizes the contract as a duty. When a mutual agreement is established the parties to the contract create enforceable duties or obligations that are legally binding.

Hillman Toombs and Associates has specialists in contract law that can help draft contracts that are clear, concise and easily understood by all parties to the agreement. With years of experience and with legal specialization in contract law we can assure that the rights, duties, responsibilities and obligations of all parties are clearly delineated and enumerated. Our expert team can prepare or interpret your contracts to ensure you are meeting all of your duties and obligations and that those you contract with are fulfilling their responsibilities and obligations. Should a contract be broken our team can help you receive remedy for any breach of the contract.

We work directly with businesses in the greater Atlanta and Columbia Georgia area. Call us or complete a contact form to tell us about your needs and to learn how we can partner with you to draft and manage your contract law requirements. You can trust our firm. With over 25 years of experience we have dealt with most every contract law situation. We can help you navigate the pitfalls of contracts to ensure your contracts stand up to the law and keep you protected.