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Atlanta Child Custody Attorney

Who is representing your child custody case in Atlanta?

At Hillman Toombs and Associates, we firmly believe that parents should consider the best interests of the child regarding custody and visitation. This can be a very emotional and tough situation for both parties involved. As in other matters in divorce, we prefer to negotiate or mediate child custody and visitation rights agreements. For the parents, a peaceful agreement can lead to greater cooperation in the child-rearing endeavor. For the child, this can lessen the emotional impact of parental separation.

Sometimes however, child custody and visitation matters must be determined by the court. As an experienced child custody lawyer, we know Georgia child custody law and how Georgia courts apply the law. We can help you obtain the custody, visitation, and parenting time rights you deserve.

We are strongly committed to helping our clients maintain and enhance the well-being of their children. To help them, we have developed a group of skilled professionals who can help our clients address and resolve issues their children may face. Hillman Toombs and Associates also assists clients with criminal charges, Bankruptcy, divorce and family law matters, including child support and adoption.

We will handle this difficult time in your life in a very professional and understanding way. Let Attorney Toombs take the time to talk to you and discuss the options you have, and to help you peacefully resolve the issue at hand.