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Atlanta Bankruptcy Attorney

Atlanta Bankruptcy Attorney To Get You Back On Your Feet


Are you finding yourself short on money while your bills keep piling up? You are not alone. As a person with debt, you have many options available to you, both bankruptcy and non-bankruptcy related. At Hillman Toombs and Associates, our lawyers have experience helping people in Georgia prevent foreclosures, rework their finances, and eliminate debt through bankruptcy.

Many people believe filing for bankruptcy is too expensive, makes them lose their house or even irreparably destroys their credit. Our team of legal professionals will put these misconceptions to rest for you. Contact us by email or call (678) 653-0529 for legal help that can restructure your loan payments and make creditors stop calling you. We will let you know if filing bankruptcy is your best option.


Chapter 7 Personal or Business Bankruptcy

Also known as "straight liquidation," this type of bankruptcy involves forgiveness of all of your dischargeable debts, including credit card and medical debt. Chapter 7 Bankruptcy may require selling all of your non-exempt assets in order to pay as much as possible to your creditors. Our lawyers can explain what property is exempt, such as your home and certain personal belongings, and will work to stop creditors from taking the property you need.

Chapter 11 Business Bankruptcy

Chapter 11 Bankruptcy is also called “business reorganization bankruptcy.” It involves setting up a debt repayment plan that will repay a percentage of the debts you owe to creditors over a specified length of time. We can help you retain important professional relationships by guiding your business through the bankruptcy process, helping you identify your company's non-profitable assets, and by restructuring your loan payments.


Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

People who have enough money to pay back debt may find Chapter 13 Bankruptcy to be the best option. Chapter 13 allows you to establish a debt repayment plan that releases you from a portion of your debt while allowing you to repay the remaining amounts owed over a three to five year period. Our attorneys can help you to pay less than you owe on your house or car through our proven debt-management techniques.


Foreclosure Assistance

If you want to prevent a foreclosure, filing for bankruptcy may be an option for saving your home. At Hillman Toombs and Associates, our lawyers will provide you with the foreclosure assistance you require.


Non-Bankruptcy Options

There may be situations in which your debt could be better managed by negotiation with your creditors. We will carefully review your individual situation in order to determine if you would be better served by non-bankruptcy debt options.

Contact our office by email or call (678) 653-0529 in order to set up consultation.  We will carefully discuss your finances with you and inform you of all your options so that you can make the right decision.